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Looking for Mathematical Statistics Homework Solutions: 5 Places to Go

When you take classes like Algebra, Geometry, or Statistics, there will be a lot of nightly assignments. The subject is based on the idea that practice will help you to learn the formulas and the steps for solutions. The good news is that there are locations were you go to in order to get assistance with these assignments.

5 Places to Go for Mathematical Statistic Homework Solutions

  1. Textbook-in the back of all textbooks, either hard copy or electronic, there are answers to either just the odd questions or just the even questions. They are there, so that you can get some help, but not all the work is done for you. You can do the problem and then check your answer at the back of the book.
  2. Publisher websites-most educational publishing sites have some answers and supplemental materials for assistance. You should be able to access the site, however, if a user name and a password are needed, you can ask your teacher to give it to you. You can actually check at other publishing sites (than the one for your book), to see if they have similar problems and answers posted.
  3. Educational site-many colleges, schools, and educators have websites. See if your teacher has one. Some will not have public access, but there will be enough open to you for you to find one that can meet your needs. Take the time before the class starts to search and then bookmark the place you like the best.
  4. Help center-schools, companies, students, and teachers all have help centers online. You, again, just have to search for the one you like the best. Once you find one or two that work for you, bookmark the page for quick reference. Make sure a qualified and well-trained person mans the center. You want your help and advice to come from someone who knows what he or she is doing.
  5. Your teacher-your teacher is an expert in the subject. You need to take careful lecture notes, write down all sample problems, ask questions in class, do the homework, and go to all extra-session help centers. Check the homework your teacher posts and frequently look at his or her websites and notes. The teacher is the expert and you need to use the instructor as much as you possibly can.