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Pros And Cons Of Vacation Homework: A Quick Overview

Vacation homework is a hot topic that has been debated on for a long time by parents, teachers and students. Some of the pros of vacation homework include:-

Clarifies and strengthens what was learned during the school days

One has to revise all the notes concerning the homework in order to be able to tackle their homework. If one encounters a difficult question when doing homework, one will have to do research and come up with a solution. Through this, one revises a lot, get to understand more of what was learned. As a result, one stands a better chance of doing well in her/his exams.

Promote rote learning

Rote learning is memorizing something through repetition. When one goes over her notes several times, it sticks into your mind. Recalling becomes easy. Homework helps in increasing rote learning. As a result of rote learning, one has easy time when doing her exams.

Instills self-discipline, time management and research skills

When on vacation, there is no one to push you around or tell you when to do your homework. It is upon you to decide and set time for that. No tutor is around to guide you on your research too. It is you to do it on your own. Through this, one strengthens her research skills as well as self-discipline and time management.

Vacation homework can be of disadvantage too. For instance:-

Learning new activities during vacations strengthens self esteem

School days are brain draining. Holidays should be a time to absorb what one learnt, relax and get involved in new activities other than studying. Doing other activities like swimming and roller-skating help in boosting self-esteem of students, especially those with difficulties in grasping class work. The boosting of self-esteem contributes a lot in the student being positive and overall success of his/her class work.

Parents/relatives might do homework for their kids

It is very unfair to the student when parents/relatives decide to do homework for their kids. This does much harm than good to the student. The student becomes dump and lazy. If the holiday homework is to be done by someone else other than the student, then there is no need for the homework.

In conclusion, holiday homework should be moderate to allow students to get involved in other activities. This is important in building their self-esteem. They too get to relax before going back to another busy school schedule.