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How Does Homework Help You: A Professional View

Often, students battle with homework for hours a day without really understanding how and why it is helping them learn. Some even think it useless and not helpful in the least. This is simply not true. Homework is an excellent way of making you work through problems and practice retaining and recalling newly acquired information and skills.

  • If you don’t practice, you won’t learn!
  • The statement above is one that applies to absolutely everyone. You have to practice using a newly acquired skill - even skills as simple as addition and subtraction, for example - in order to perfect it. Doing work at home allows you to practice something that you recently learned in class and to get better and quicker at using this new skill set. It is also really easy for forget something you have only learned about once for an hour, so teachers set the exercises so that you won’t forget your new knowledge quite as quickly!

  • Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know
  • Sitting in the class with the teacher there to answer all your questions can make you feel as though you know what you’re doing, so what’s the point in doing homework? Well, doing work at home without the teacher there to answer yours every question can highlight the things you didn’t realize you didn’t know. When you come across a problem that seemed so easy in class when the teacher was going through it and now seemed impossible, it indicates that you do not know the new information as well as you should. Therefore, homework helps you hone your new skills and highlights weaknesses and gaps in your knowledge.

  • Homework throws up more questions
  • When doing lots of exercises, it is easy to find yourself asking questions to yourself as you complete them. In class, however, you are not concentrating on asking other questions: you are concentrating on learning the new information. Therefore doing homework by yourself and allowing your brain space to breathe and to ask its own questions about what you’re doing can be a really great way to get even more interested in a subject because so many more avenues for investigation pop up. Sometimes, homework can make what was in class a really dull topic an absolutely fascinating delight, and something that you are keen to continue in your own time.

And take it from me, because I’m a professional teacher myself!