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Tips To Follow If You Want To Find A Weekly Homework Template

The first piece of advice is to find out what other people are using. This is not a cop out, its just that if someone else has found a useful template and it works for them, it may work for you with a few adaptations.

The next thing is, do you really need a weekly template or does your time table roll on a two weekly timetable. If this is the case then you can adapt your template to your two week schedule.

  • It’s always worth looking on your school website to see if they have a homework template you could use.
  • Check online homework websites to see if there are any templates that you find useful.

Basically whatever template you find you will have to adapt it to your own circumstances.

  • Make a list of the activities that you do on a weekly basis.
  • Be realistic about the amount of time that these activities take you.
  • Also take into consideration the time it takes to travel to and from these activities.

Have a look at the amount of time that your school expects you to devote to your homework on a weekly basis. Now ask yourself the following questions.

  • Does all my homework take the amount of time that the school says it should?
  • Do I find that some subjects take me longer to complete than others?
  • Does some homework take me longer because I find that subject difficult and need to do a lot of research?

If you find that some homework takes you longer, be kind to yourself and allow yourself more time to complete it.

  • If some homework takes you less time because you are interested in the subject and excel in that area, do you use any left over time to learn more about the subject or do you use it to catch up on another subject?
  • Do you allow a bit of extra homework time just incase you run overtime in other subjects?
  • Do you need to schedule in extra time for homework from practical subjects, such as art or technology?

The best thing to do is to find a basic template and adapt it to your own situation and time schedule remembering that you should also take into consideration the timing for handing in your work. Make a plan but be adaptable.