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A List Of Vital Tips On How To Do Your Homework In Time

Are you always finishing projects at the last minute, or confused why it seems to take you so much longer than your classmates to finish your homework? You get good grades, but it always seems like it takes you forever to get anything done, even though you understand the material. Don’t worry, you’re not slow, you’re just acting slow! Here are some tips to be more efficient when it comes time to buckle down and do your homework.

  • Start off by taking a break. Sound silly? It’s not! If you’ve had a full day of school, you may just need a half hour to recharge and relax. Make a sandwich or a snack and watch TV, read a book, or play with your pet for a little while. Keep an eye on the clock, because you don’t want to wind up turning a twenty minute chill session into a three hour TV marathon, but use this time to get your energy back before digging into the night’s homework.
  • Make a to-do list. Write down all your assignments in a list, and check them off as you go along. This will help you stay organized and motivated, and when you see all the things you have to do neatly organized in a list they won’t seem so overwhelming!
  • Alternate fun projects with hard projects. Love math and hate reading? Think science is fun and history is boring? Try alternating your homework assignments so that you’re always one assignment away from doing something you enjoy. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take your time and put all your effort into one project in your excitement to get to the next one, but it will help you stay motivated. Don’t save your hardest work for last: you’ll just end up procrastinating and crunched for time at the end!
  • Work in shifts. Say that for every two pages you write, or five pages you read, or half hour of work, you’ll give yourself a five minute break to take a walk, eat a snack, or just relax. These mini-breaks help you feel refreshed and recharged, and give you something to look forward to!

Turn off and unplug. If you’re reading the assigned chapter for your English class, there’s no reason to be sitting in front of the computer! And if you’re working on your math homework, you really don’t need your smartphone to be in arm’s reach. Put yourself in a better homework environment, with no distractions, and you’ll be amazed how easy it is to focus and get things done when you’re not constantly checking your Facebook or texting with friends! If you have a real problem turning off your smartphone, try having your parents or a friend hold it until after you’ve finished working.