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How To Deal With Math Homework For 2nd Grade: Vital Advice

Getting math homework done each day can seem like a never-ending chore. To make mathematics a little easier, parents should use these techniques for helping their students. Finding new ways to practice and use math will make it easier for students to catch on in class. Likewise, these math tips will help parents get schoolwork completed in record time.

For second graders, math generally consists of basic addition and subtraction. They have started to understand how space, quantity and patterns work. During this school year, they should begin learning new techniques that will help them learn how to multiply numbers.

Practice Constantly

The first way to help a child with math is to start practicing. Instead of staring at the assignment, parents should get their child practicing in different circumstances. Modifying card games like War can help students work on subtraction. With this game, students must subtract the lowest number card from the highest number. Whoever wins that hand gets the points from the answer.

Other than card games, students should practice counting down from high numbers. Parents can prepare their student for multiplication by asking questions like “how many feet do five people have?” or “how many toes do three people have?” Students can practice adding up the cost of food while grocery shopping, adding up different amounts of change or estimating the height of a tree. If none of these activities sound enjoyable, parents can always try baking cookies. Cake, brownies and cookies recipes all require measurements, so they are a great way to work on math as a family.

Set a Time Each Day

Children are creatures of habit. If they are used to doing the same activity at a certain time, they will be able to start focusing on it much faster. Parents should choose a specific time each day that is spent on schoolwork. In addition, they should remove any outside distractions. Students should be given a quite room that is free of any mobile devices, televisions or other noises. Protractors, calculators, pencils, paper and erasers should be at hand so that students do not have to look around for long to find the things that they need.

Setting a schedule, developing a habit and practicing throughout the day are all techniques that can help students become much better at math homework. If the student needs any other motivations, parents can always reward them with stickers or small toys.