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Dealing With Algebra Homework Problems: 8 Helpful Suggestions

There is a feeling of instant hatred among most students who are just starting to learn algebra. Almost none of them can understand the point of taking a word problem and translating into mathematical language, then using various letters of the alphabet to get the solution.

If you happen to be one of these students there is no need to worry. After you have gotten through several assignments easily, you will come to the realization the with practice and a few mind games the subject can actually be simple. The following list of helpful suggestions will give you insight into getting your problems completed with no headaches:

  • Don't memorize: Some subjects can be aced by taking the time to memorize what you have learned. Algebra is not one of these subjects. Every problem will need a different approach to obtain the correct answer. Instead, try to understand how "like" groups of problems are solved.

  • Concentrate on concepts: In order to effectively understand the material, you must understand the concepts behind it. Ensure that you understand them before you try to start solving problems.

  • Use different study sources: Instead of just staring at a textbook, find some free interactive videos online. You will retain the information longer because you are engaging a different portion of your brain.

  • Your best friend is examples: For every new topic that you encounter, study the examples carefully to see what techniques will be needed to attempt the solution. Remember as well that in some cases more than one approach may be required to get the correct answer.

  • Learn using patterns: One of the easiest, and most effective, ways to remember all of the algebraic equations and formulas is to learn by patterns. One of the best ways to do this is by finding anagrams that you will have no trouble recalling to keep them fresh in your mind.

  • Understand notation: One of the most important parts of learning how to do algebra properly is to understand the importance of notations. For example, students often make the common mistake of assuming that 9b = 3b+6. While they may look roughly the same, they are actually as different as night and day.

  • Redo problems: Go back through tests and other assignments and redo some of the problems that you found to be more difficult than others, or that you got incorrect. You can also find practice problems in your textbook and on the net.