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Is Homework Really Necessary: 5 Convincing Arguments

This is a question on the minds of students from grade school all the way up to graduate programs. Homework is a real drain on a person’s free time, how little that may be. Many would argue that it really is not necessary and that all the needed learning can be done in school hours. This is an argument which will continue most likely until the end of time. Here are some reasons why it really is necessary.

  1. Some Subjects Require Practice. Mathematics in particular is a course area where the more a person practices, the more adept he or she becomes at the equations. Classroom exercises are fine but often the student lets classmates answer the questions. Assigning math work also gives the student a chance to solve problems alone.
  2. It Instills a Sense of Independent Time Management and Responsibility. Students in school follow a set regiment of hours. They also are given assignments or projects to be worked on in those periods. Homework helps a student better budget his or her time. When the class assignment is done after school is the responsibility of the individual. The student consequently is encouraged to take ownership.
  3. It does prepare a Student for Working Life. Exempt employees may find themselves taking work home all the time. This can be considered preparation for the real world. Being used to doing homework after school time prepares a student for those work projects need to be done after quitting time;
  4. After School Study Challenges the Student. Projects assigned may require going to sources such as a museum or interviewing an older person about life experiences. These cannot ordinarily be done in the space of a class period. What has to be done after school allows for learning outside the textbook and can energize the interests of the student.
  5. This can Stimulate Creativity. The idea is that writing in particular can be further developed with homework assignments. These can allow the student to express his or her own thoughts or opinions.

Homework can also be in the form of group projects where several students meet outside of the school building. This can create relationships that may even last an entire lifetime. It is true that too much is counterproductive and the assignments should be interesting. With those two caveats in mind, the home projects can be assigned that takes the learning from the classroom and allows it to be practiced and expanded upon. The student benefits from that extra attention to studies.