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Question Of The Day: What Are The Benefits Of No-Homework Policy?

No homework means students have a distinct line drawn between work and rest

With the amount of work that students have to do in school, coupled with all the study that they have to do for the numerous exams that educational institutions use these days, the inclusion of homework on top of this makes it hard to draw a line between work and rest.

Is important to draw a distinction between the time you spend studying and the time that you’re able to rest, as this helps to provide a balanced lifestyle which enables you to learn better. Therefore, a no-homework policy can reduce the amount of commitments that you have towards educational matters, thus providing you with the necessary work/rest balance to improve your academic studies.

Students will be less tempted to cheat

A no-homework policy is also beneficial when it comes to reducing the temptation students have to cheat. By allowing students to do the work at home, it makes it very easy for students to find ways round having to do the work themselves. For example, there are many websites available online offering writing services to help students get their work done. Therefore, students can find prewritten papers that they can pass off as their own; alternatively, many writing agencies offer the possibility to have bespoke papers created, as well as offering writers to complete various individual answers.

By eliminating the need for students to do work at home, and instead restructuring the school day, it reduces the ability that students have to cheat. Furthermore, once a student has started cheating on their homework, they are more likely to find other ways to cheat in other areas, such as tests and exams. By removing this temptation in the first place, it helps to promote the idea that students should do the work themselves.

Students don’t feel left behind if they don’t understand the work

Another benefit of having a no-homework policy is that students want feel left behind if they do not understand the work. Whilst some may have no problem completing the answers and getting the work done, others can really struggle without the assistance of a teacher there when they are doing the work. As a result, it can be much more beneficial for some students to have a teacher on hand to ask questions, as well as also having other people in the class to bounce ideas off.