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Homework Cheating: Why It Is Harmful for Your Academic Performance

When you copy your homework from your friend, you are in fact cheating. You might not even know it (in fact, very few students don’t). Do you think cheating is a good thing? You probably don’t.

Most homework cheaters realize that what they do is unethical, but they keep doing it because it seems like an easy way to get higher grades. However, cheating can jeopardize your academic performance instead of saving it. Here are just a few ways in which it may happen:

  • Cheating can be detected.
  • Your teachers are not as daft as they might sometimes seem; otherwise, they could hardly have gotten their jobs. Most cases of Internet plagiarism, such as a pre-written essay you have bought online, can easily be identified with the help of special software, which your teacher probably uses to check student papers. Similarly, there is a small chance that your instructor would not spot two identical works – yours and that of your best friend. When your homework cheating is discovered, you will automatically get an “F” for this paper. You might even get expelled from school.

  • Cheating steals away your opportunities to learn.
  • If you had another person do your homework, it means you have missed an opportunity to practice the skills you will need later in your studies. As a result, you will have substantial difficulties with the following assignments. For example, if you have not learned to solve simple equations because you’ve outsourced this assignment, you would fail to cope with your math tasks, as they grow more and more complicated. You can get A’s for your homework if you continue using the help of others, but you will inevitably end up with low marks in the class and on tests.

  • Cheating leads to more cheating.
  • If you use writing services on a regular basis, you fall behind in your studies. If you try to do an assignment on your own, you may fail to get even the grade you easily achieved before. You will no longer be able to cope without cheating at all.

  • Cheating can make your teacher biased against you.
  • If you have been caught cheating once and were punished for it, do not think that’s the end. When you submit the next works to the same teacher, he or she would suspect you of cheating again. Therefore, you will have a much harder time winning his or her approval (and good grades) than before you were caught. Every paper will be scrutinized for plagiarism and signs of being “too good to be your own work.”